About Us

Added WOW Factor awaits your business, let us bring your brand to life!


WOWPAK offer a range of customisable and stock e-commerce products suitable for any individual, or business. We are also proud UK distributors of the Flexi-Hex product range.


For any custom packaging products outside of the ranges shown, please get in contact with us. Our wider business and team can handle all your bespoke packaging needs.

Bespoke packaging for everyone at affordable prices.

If you’re just starting out, or looking to upscale your packaging, our low minimum order quantities for printed tape & tissue and easy to use design system will help you provide your customers with a premium branded unboxing experience.

A one-stop shop for your e-commerce needs!

From eco friendly stocked packaging, to full customisation of tissue, tape and more. WOWPAK can produce all of your packaging requirements all in one place and with inclusive delivery. If its not available on site just contact us and we'll be sure to help.